Tuesday, November 1, 2011

W4W - Ephemeral

ephemeral |əˈfem(ə)rəl| adjective - lasting for a very short time

The sky above provides me ephemeral pleasures. Each day a different sunrise.



8:03:12 am

08:04:05 am

The colors can change in less than a minute.

I am joining Garden Walk Garden Talk on her W4W adventure to discover "ephemeral".


The Sage Butterfly said...

Beautiful! The sky is so ephemeral, what with it changing landscape of clouds, sun, and moon. Excellent post!

Carol said...

Great captures!!!!
I'm always taking pictures of the sky...it's an addiction :)

Anonymous said...

So nice!! I thought someone would do the sky. It is in constant change in so many iterations. I enjoyed your look at ephemeral.

what's blooming this week said...

Gorgeous - I love how the sky changes so much during the course of a day. And you've captured it beautifully.

HolleyGarden said...

Great pictures! That first one is just beautiful. You are so right - the sky is constantly changing. I love how everyone is posting about something different for this word.

Karen said...

Cindy, the sky is the perfect example of 'ephemeral'. Ever-changing, just look at the difference in your shots a few minutes apart.

On your earlier post (oh, this has been an odd week, I've been running like mad and not able to keep up with reading the way I'd like) the plants in the loft garden look fantastic. I'd never guess they'd been subjected to temps in the triple digits for most of the summer. That red castor bean is a beauty....I harvested seed from my blue castor bean, so if you're interested, they're here.

I bet 50 degrees feels like Arctic weather after the 100's...brrrrrrr.

Your garden just keeps on amazing me every time I see it.

Andrea said...

Recording the changing sky in photos is also my preoccupation at my 5th Floor Window. I realized one picture cannot be repeated even for a few minutes, everything is changing. A cloud formation looking like a wolf suddenly becomes a horse or a cow or a dog next! I join you in skywatching.

Donna said...

beautiful sky and I love how you interpreted the W4W...as I drive to work each morning in the dark, I am witness to the sunrise (my drive is about an hour east). The sky changes so quickly as the sun rises that sometimes I wish I could capture and hold it longer...I feel the same about the setting sun too!!

noel said...


yes it is ephemeral...i love taking sky photos too

thanks for sharing