Friday, November 25, 2011

One Project Down

I will admit I did not have much time to put the proper efforts into last winter's greenhouse. So this winter I have a few alterations.

I got the frame in place and the sunscreen roof reinforcement in place a few days before. Checked out the wind gusts (from the north and the south) and this location seems to be safer.

This day I will a few distractors to my building.

Finally a good showing. I have waited for these guys all summer.

Got the plastic in place and ran out of sunshine. Brrrr.

This year's model is one whole piece of plastic I recycled from my temporary part-time seasonal employer's greenhouse last spring. (Did I mention I am still working there? It does keep me off the streets.) Finishing had to wait for another day. Whenever I had time the weather was very windy and/or moist. So it sat like this for days.

Then one day last week, I got all my materials gathered....

faithful companions watching (see Spice in the bush?) and

these guys had become ....

beautiful Gulf Fritillary inside the greenhouse.
"Go on. Enjoy the sunshine. I have work to do."

more on the fence outside the greenhouse...

Shelves from a damaged delivery to my employer with the addition of some pallets my sweetie cut down for me. The soda bottle collection for a sorry attempt at a heat sink. (The bottles will collect heat in the winter sun and then radiate warmth in the greenhouse at night.) It seemed like I had a mountain of them when they were inside the loft apartment. (Drink up, sweetie!)

I left my hose inside the greenhouse so watering on warmer winter days will be easier.

Easy access to the only water spigot on the whole property.

Hmm. Not much different in appearance but the bottom and 3 sides have been secured with lumber now and it seems to be holding up to the wind. I will come up with some other handy door piece before winter comes.


HolleyGarden said...

How nice to have a greenhouse! I tried to put one together last year, too, but was unsuccessful. I have given up on the greenhouse dream - this year, anyway. Enjoy yours! I like your idea of the warmed water in bottles for heat.

Anonymous said...

It is so funny to read about the wind and your greenhouse. Today at work (at the Farm) the wind brought down the poly greenhouse, the one that is used for the place where people sit and eat hotdogs and hamburgers. No food until tomorrow, so no one was hurt. Normally it houses plants, but is used for food at this time of year. The greenhouse where the Christmas trees are is much sturdier, but was really vibrating during the crazy wind we had. I wish I would have found some cool butterflies as I was helping clean up the mess. Your butterflies are so pretty, we don't get them around here.

lifeshighway said...

Does the soda bottle heat sink really work? If so, how very very clever. Maybe you should get clear bottles as they may soak up more sun.

I know where you can get quite a few diet coke bottles.

Marguerite said...

Great ideas you've put to use recycling things. I could learn a thing or two. Those soda bottle sinks are pretty neat.

Karen said...

I love your greenhouse! I know how hard it is to keep one standing during high winds, too. We won't put ours up until March, but even then, we have to go whack snow off the plastic so it won't cave in. I'd keep it up all year round, but it would be just a nightmare to deal with in the winter.

I'm really intrigued by the water bottle heat sink. I'm curious to see if would work for us in the spring. Great idea!

Love the butterflies, what colors...

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Looking good! I'm ever so jealous! I'll bet you're thinking I mean the greenhouse, don't you? Well, yeah, it's great and all but THAT PASSION FLOWER! I'd move to Texas if I could grow passion flowers. :))

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cat said...

Lucky you to have found so much butterflies! I didn't see any chrysalis this year ;/ Good job on your greenhouse...I guess you've needed it a few times now. We've been at freezing a couple of times now.