Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't Go for the Roses

Just for curiosity's sake, I wanted to see how the rose garden at the FW Botanic Garden was fairing during the heat of summer (Is it 13 days over 100 now? I have lost track.)

Not many roses blooming but the hollyhocks were beautiful (well... beautiful as they can be during a 100 degree heat streak).

Pentas were bright.

Knock Out Roses - not so much....

'Cinco de Mayo'.... A few blooms but not nearly as pretty as HollyGarden's.

Side note: I was stopped on my way out by the FW Parks Department "'scuse me... My co-worker (pointing to the driver) wants to know what you are taking photos of."

Honestly, Sweetie, I didn't do anything!

"Well, the roses were not particularly photogenic but the crepe myrtle and the heat-loving perennials were pretty remarkable."

The driver nods and speaks, "We are asked all the time where to go to take photos. What were looking at over there?" (Is there something in the following photo I have missed?)

"I noticed the colorful foliage edging the plantings with Lord Baltimore (hardy hibiscus blooms). I don't know but I found quite a few really pretty places here today."

Maybe it's just because I am the only nut out in this weather taking photos....


Carol said...

between the heat and the Japanese Beetles my roses would only look good to the "Adams Family" All thorns and leaves or blooms :(

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

It's a mystery! You'd think the parks department would know what's looking good at any particular time, right? I'm sure they get busy with irrigation malfunctions and stuff like that though.

Too bad about the roses and what-not. Maybe it looks better in the early morning?

Karen said...

"Ma'am, may I ask you what you have been photographing?" Oh, that cracked me up! At first I thought you were going to say they wanted to confiscate your camera, don't want you spreading pictures online of the sad state of the roses in the botanical garden in 100+ degree heat.

Then come to find out they only want to know what to send people over to look at, how funny. You are now a trendsetter, this could be a paid position...'What's Blooming in the Botanical Garden Today?' Ask Tufa Girl.'

Casa Mariposa said...

Maybe they were worried their garden might look like a real garden and their image of perfection would be shattered. Your crazy heat is headed our way. Yuck!