Thursday, May 26, 2011

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The Rister-Armstrong Garden

There is no staff to maintain this property. Most of the landscaping on this 2 acre lot was accomplished by the two owners Ken Row and Sergio Ramirez who have lived here for 11 years. Starting with the large oaks, crepe myrtles and some red-tip photinias, the rest has been added. The winter of 2011 was hard on the plant life around the property. You will notice many new, empty, and freshly planted pots.

Over 300 hydrangeas of 50 varieties, Earthkind roses, and Texas windmill palms are a large part of the current gardens here. The round tarped shades were installed to provide cover for the hydrangeas in the front of the home after losing 2 large burr oak trees.

Another silent movie - a bit longer this time, so you might want to grab a beverage (only 88 photos). Enjoy.


Karen said...

I don't have any adequate words to say about this tour...WOW sounds lame, but I'm saying it nonetheless. What a huge property and all the pruning they have to do with the hedges and all the containers that need watering and well, WOW. I thought I had a lot of work on my hands. Heck, I'm a slacker compared to this.

The slide show was excellent once again, such a good idea. And a lot of work, too! I'm going to watch it again for inspiration.

Carol said...

OMG! I am sooooo in love with this garden! I will be watching this over and over for inspiration and pure enjoyment! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU !!! For sharing :)

HolleyGarden said...

The only word that comes to mind is - WOW! And only two people maintain this garden? I'll remember that the next time I start complaining!