Thursday, April 14, 2011

"The Weekend in April" is Here!

Life's Highway will be arriving in less than 24 hours and I am still adding to the list of fairs, festivals, wildflowers and yard art to be seen on her short sojourn in the great state of Texas.

Fort Worth this weekend: Main Street Arts Festival today through Sunday.

San Antonio's King William Fair:

The Main Event: Austin's Art Yard Festival:

And some wildflowers along the way...

Many things may be at 70 mph but I will try to pack it all in.

The easiest way to follow the action as it happens is via Twitter:!/tufagirl

or occasionally check out my TwitPic page to see what photos have been posted:

Gotta go pack up the jeep!


HolleyGarden said...

Oh, I didn't realize you were going to see so much! I know you will have a blast! Now, this is not Vegas - you'll have to tell all!

Anonymous said...

The Art yards would be fantastic to see. Have a great time and get loads of photos.

Carol said...

Can't wait to see all of the pictures and hear the stories! :)

lemonverbenalady said...

You two get into all kinds of mischief for us to see and hear! Promise? Don't have to say to have a great time!

Tufa Girl said...

I can hardly wait. Photos, I will take loads of photos, hope I have a big enough memory card. We will be thinking of you all and wishing you were with us all along the way.

lifeshighway said...

woo hoo, is the middle of the night and I am ready to go for my Texan adventure.

Forgot my sunglasses, so we will need to stop somewhere for some cheapies.

I had better eat my Wheaties.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I wanna come!

Marguerite said...

wow, that's a ton to see. Have a great time!