Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big City Crime

Life in the big city. Crimes can come wearing all kind of hats.

Recently, in my neighborhood it has come in the fashion of us vs. them with dog owners and how they handle their dog duties. I have been the culprit in the ruckus around our building since trying to clean up the soil and planting something pretty does not include deposits. Winter is over, go for a walk.

Now it has become an us vs. them in the respect of our building vs. the neighboring building and the pet owners vs. the non-pet owners. Quote from the last management email " more vigilant and courteous in regards to picking up after your pets. The vacant lot behind Sawyer is a favorite spot but the aroma waifs into the open windows of the apt bldg and other open bldgs in the area plus is a minefield to walk on!" Might I remind the "Sawyer building" there is a dumpster outside your windows.

Anyways. Saturday night full moon. Shooting at a local bar across from the Sawyer. Now everyone is calling their attorneys, city councilmen, mayor, mayor wanna-be's, to close the bar. Could we get some facts first? Was this an incident inside the building? Was this random? Could more security help? Details, please.

I live a stone throw away from downtown Fort Worth. We all want to believe life is beautiful with urban renewal. There still remains a shadow of the unpleasant things of life downtown. Did we not all know this when we moved here? Did we just drive up during the day and see the pretty windows and not notice the life lurking in the shadows?

I fear a steep slope is in sight. When did we forget our tolerance for others? If we do not all fit in a particular pattern will we all be eliminated?


lifeshighway said...

I congratulate anyone who is a re-urban pioneer. After you make is pretty and fashionable, other less hardy folks will come flocking in. That is always the way.

Everyone, PICK UP after your dogs. We have a new garden going up... OK!

Karen said...

I think it's a crime whenever people don't pick up after their dogs, and I'm a dog owner. It's just a matter of common courtesy. I would be so angry if I was trying to build a garden and Fido-Filth was everywhere; you'd think the neighborhood would welcome the beauty of a garden.

lemonverbenalady said...

Tolerance is at a low, but entitlement is at a new high! There are at least two stray dogs in our neighborhood and they come do their business in our garden! Then there are the feral cats! Don't get me started.

Then there are the shootings. Don't have to worry about that at the moment, but you never know! Stay safe, TG! You are a trailblazer. Hopefully, it will work out!

Anonymous said...

In cities worldwide I guess. Urban life has all kinds.