Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Sun Came Out and Then It Got Very Quiet

It happened within a few minutes. I did not realize it at first. It is so very quiet.

The heater that has been blowing for days is finally still. No rain drops, sleet or heavy flakes hitting the windows (from any direction). No more flapping of a tarp over the now completely frozen contents of a greenhouse.

Scraping of icy car windows in the parking lot has ceased. The crunch of ice in the streets has become a soft slushing sound. The sirens and life-saving helicopters rushing to and from the hospitals nearby has diminished.

In the place of the harsh sounds of winter comes song. Little birds appeared on the utility lines overhead. There are more now in the tops of the trees. All chirping in the warm sun rays.

Soft trickles of melting snow and ice from overhangs creating little spatters on the melting sidewalks below. Our dogs are sprawled in bright pools of light hitting the floor of the loft.

It is very quiet.


Shyrlene said...

I so envy your quiet - and snow melt! I heard birds chirping here this morning, but they appeared to have some attitude? (Birds in Chicago are scrappy - must be an "Al Capone" thing!!)

I'll be living vicariously through your warmer weather. It's going to be at least 6 weeks here, before it feels like 'spring'! (love your "puppy" picture)

Karen said...

Well, glad to hear things have at least calmed down a little. No snow melting here yet, but that's normal for us. The sound of 'quiet' is so underrated, last night I was walking home down our road and all I could hear was a tree in the woods across the road creaking. It was eerily beautiful. Quiet is good!

Anonymous said...

Your pooch looks like a snow dog. But maybe just contemplating the warmer weather to come.

lemonverbenalady said...

We can see the ground here, TG! Hope it warms up quick for you! It's been a mess in north Texas! Hoping for better days (and a Super Bowl win)!

fer said...

enjoy your calm! we havent got any snow yet, maybe later this month