Monday, February 28, 2011

Garden Party Hats

Sometimes when you aren't really doing anything it seems like nothing gets done... Ok, while doing nothing really important I have become seriously behind in reading blogs. As you may know I use Google Reader so I will not miss a single episode of any blog I follow.

So I finally get to the posting from Studio G from January 31st (I told you I am behind...) and have an "ah ha!" moment.

Welcome to Glory B Hats. "Fun is sure to follow."

I think this may be an option for the viewing of Austin Art Yards. What do you think?


Carol said...

Those hats are too fun!!! A must for your Austin Art Yards event!!!! Lots of pictures PLEASE!

lifeshighway said...

AH.... envy flash. I need a hat like that. I am feeling competitive. I am also very very behind in my reading list.