Monday, January 3, 2011

Rosa 'Grootendorst Supreme'

Rosa 'Grootendorst Supreme' on 365 Project
Day 3 of my 365 Project is the rose called 'Grootendorst Supreme' (1936).

Currently, being tortured in a pot, this rose is responding well to the cool winter weather by giving me beautiful "fall" color. Just as the blueberry I posted yesterday, foliage of ordinary plants can provide color in a dreary winter world.

This hybrid rugosa's thorny canes are not as mean as they appear.

A dark red rose with one inch blooms in clusters for USDA zone 3b and warmer. I think each flower looks like a carnation with its serrated edges. Not well liked in the rose world since it's small blooms have little to no fragrance, the bush can get a little gangly at times. In northern parts of the US it will bloom in the spring (early summer) with some repeat later. In the south (like Texas) you will be lucky to see many blooms at all. Some rosarians report black spot, etc. which I personally have not seen.

This branch is new since pruning last October.

It must not be struggling too badly as it seems I have leaves to come. So, why do I grow this rose with so little attributes? For the vision I see today and the hope of many blooms in the Spring.

"The 365 project is a photography project where you document a year of your life by taking a daily photo. Everyone can take part and join in! All you need is a camera." Click here to join in.


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Those thorns are still mighty impressive!

lifeshighway said...

Is the rose in the hot house or is it still putting out shoots in January?

Tufa Girl said...

The thorns are like little bristles. All my tortured roses are outside the greenhouse. I now live in zone 7b (from 8b) so it is not too cold for rose in pots. If it gets 20's for longer than a minute I will group them together and cover.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Those thorns are cool. The Martha Gonzales in my garden is blooming right now! If the picture came out, I may use it for Wordless Wednesday. Crazy isn't it!?

catmint said...

Hi TG, I must say I tend to avoid roses with thorns like that, pretty ferocious looking. But great photos. cheers, CM

creekside rummager said...

It is great that you get out and find beauty in the winter garden.

allenaim photography and design said...

That jar is amazing...thank you for sharing...I need to link it in the post. Would you like to do a tufa guest post?? Anything seasonal, simple, cute :)

Anonymous said...

It is a beauty! We had a couple of those, from the Antique Rose Emporium that were moved to Tennessee with us. Last year they succumbed to the dreaded Rose Rosette disease and had to be dug out. Very sad. We had nicknamed them Thorny, for obvious reasons. May yours live long and prosper, but a warning, they will get quite large, even with pruning.