Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking North

Downtown FW on 365 Project
Downtown Fort Worth

My 365 Project photo today was taken by my sweetie. Up on the roof to see where the satellite folks will hook in.

Do you have a satellite company? If you do, tell me everything...

BTW, 29 degrees F at 11:30 am. Still brrrr!


Anonymous said...

No satellite but I was surprised it is so cold there.

lifeshighway said...

Look at you city girl.

We use Direct TV. I have no problems.

lemonverbenalady said...

We have Direct TV, TG! It started out very well and has slowly declined as we have gone on. We had Comcast and got nothing for a big price. We get a lot more channels with Direct TV, but we don't have any extras and it's $60 plus a month. You can't get the level of TV we have now and that $60 includes local channels. I think you have to pay extra for locals these days. We have outages during heavy rains and we have to clean the dish off when it is snowing heavily. Fortunately our dish is low on our house rather on the rooftop. We will never go back to cable and if we get rid of satellite, we may just have local TV with our small TV in the kitchen. I have a whole book collection that I would like to read, etc. We don't watch network series. Most of what we watch is forgettable, reality TV. No, not Jersey Shore! I'd be happy to answer your questions, TG. Just e-mail me if you have questions.

Kate said...

Hey there!
I have direct tv. I don't know if it's any good but I do know what is worth the money and that's tivo. I haven't suffered through a commercial in 3 solid years. Plus, I'll record gardening shows now. That HGTV channel used to make me nuts what with all those crappy commercials... Oops. See how easy it is for me launch into a rant? ;>)

I am lovin' this idea of the 365 photo.