Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wait a minute

Walking through the living room, I look out into the back yard. Shadow?

Check out on the front porch... Shadow!

He is a cutie. I wonder if he knows big dogs live here?


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Ha! There are some cats around the neighborhood that look similar to my cats, and I die just a little bit every time I see "my cat" outside since my actual cats are indoor only.

I have a long-haired black and white cat, a medium-haired all black cat, and a short-haired all black cat, so it's kinda funny that you have a short-haired all black cat and saw a long-haired all black cat.

Are you thinking of adopting it?

Tufa Girl said...

I gently tapped on the window and "he" did not run. I grabbed a handful of dry food and by the time I made it outside he had jumped up on the fence. I offered him the food, he gave a sniff, looked back to freedom across the fence, gave a little meow and was gone. Have not seen him since.