Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plant Sale!

Fort Worth Botanical Garden semi-annual plant sale. This is serious business when they bring their own red wagon.

My treasures... two more plumerias (How many is that? Don't ask). These two are from seedlings, supposedly they will be a "Ti Red" and "white". I will report next year when they bloom. Two violets - "Royal Robe" and "White Czar".

Royal Robe has a bloom!

The find of the day is the "Dwarf Beautyberry" Callicarpa dichotoma with its cute tiny berries.

It is a tall lanky thing - just coming from the nursery life. I laid it down to get a photo and Spice decided to give some perspective.

More exciting fall weekend adventures to be reported soon. I need to sort through the photos.

Hope is it a great fall day where you are!

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lemonverbenalady said...

Have the big beautyberry. The dwarf one looks very cute! It was a great day here as well. Thanks for sharing your day, TG!