Friday, October 29, 2010

Just wait for Christmas!

This yard is at the end of our block.

Halloween is pretty spectacular here. Our little neighborhood has had a yard decorating contest. Judging was this last weekend -- I have find out who the winner is.

These Halloween decorations will mean there should be some over the top Christmas yards (good and bad). I can hardly wait. Stay tuned.

See last year's Christmas lights "here" and "here".

More interpretations of Dark at .


lifeshighway said...

Yeah, your neighborhood is fun!. We are too darned tasteful around here.

I love this yard. It glows so pretty.

Kim, USA said...

Wow I love this one. Wish our neighborhood is like this too. Happy weekend!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Wow, you guys ARE really into it! My neighborhood has virtually nothing.

hip-chick said...

Oh Halloween is great but nothing compares to Christmas!

noel said...


i like your take on dark, it almost feels like a creepy xmas

my dark theme is on my sari blog.