Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Driving into Hermine

Obviously, a smart person would have stayed home today but I did have a schedule to keep. Drove south from Fort Worth into the storm bands of Hermine on my way to New Braunfels. Was not too bad except for this really dark spot that had very strong winds with the heavy rain.

Most of the drive home looked pretty ominous.

Luckily there was not too much traffic.

Got home before noon and before the "eye" was to go over San Antonio. This photo of the radar was taken just before the electricity went out at my house at 1 pm.. See the little hand - that is about where the house is located. Electricity not out for long - probably just a pesky hackberry tree down somewhere. No worries here - we have no more hackberries!

No television here at the house anymore so I won't be able to see the local weather report on how much rain we actually got (so far). I will just have to check the internet when it is all over.

Nice to have some rain and some cooler weather. Hope the rain stops soon as the creeks will be running over for days.


lifeshighway said...

You are the classic definition of an optimist. The rest of the state is yelling about hurricane and you comment on how nice it is to get a little rain. LOL

BTW, you shouldn't drive in hurricanes as a general rule.

Kimberly said...

Glad you're safe!