Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birdhouse at the Stockyards

Birdhouse Thursday!

Big city birdhouses seem to be very big (and live inside). Guessing this is more of a hotel as there are not so many entrances for the size. Took a walk through the Fort Worth Stockyards and the various shops in the area. This specimen was in a high-end cowboy-style furniture shop. I am certain the birds will love to accessorize with the belts and beads.

This learning of the new town has me thinking of joining the group at the City Daily Photo for a place to show off photos of the town to y'all. This blog seems to be slowing a bit as my adventures seem to have slowed. Still whining about selling the house, I know. Hope my sweetie calls the new realtor today....

Have a birdhouse photo to share?

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lifeshighway said...

Looks like a cute shop where I would spend too much money.