Monday, September 20, 2010

Alter Ego

Took a screen print of my laptop. Those of you who have followed me know of the occasional dalliance in the world known as Nascar. One thing you do not know is that I have been "playing with the boys" from my sweetie's prior employment's "Nascar fantasy league".

I am the one known as "Truex_girl" and I seem to have won this week. (Actually, I won last week also - first time ever - now another!) Today I must brag as this will be the only time I will be on the top of any leaderboard. Pretty exciting seeing as my sweetie aka "Flat Tire" is in at 10th this week...

The whole truth is I am in 11th for the season out of 17 players but a girl must brag when given the opportunity. I am on top today as this is the beginning of the "fall" session. Where is my sweetie "Flat Tire" over-all? In the number 1 spot. Of course.

For you just joining this blog in progress, remember this is the "Adventures of TufaGirl". She is very deep. (ROFL)

1 comment:

lifeshighway said...

NO way! You have a Nascar alter-ego!

Congrats on the winning, so do you get money in this game?