Saturday, September 11, 2010

A 9/11 Garden Rant

The posting "Whimsy Must Die" on the blog GardenRant created a get amount of controversy over the use of "stuff: gazing balls, pinwheels, critters made of cast-concrete—maybe even some plants."

The next day the rant was "Oh Say Can You See" suggesting your home is not a post office and you should not have a flag pole with a US flag flying on it.

I understand the concept of how your neighbors chose to keep their yards decorated or landscaped effects the value of your home and the neighborhood - really I do. What has struck me to the core was the anger of the comments in both postings.

How far have we all come since 9/11/2001 to return to these feelings of anger for our neighbor today? We welcome folks from all over the world to our shores with open arms with no thought or concern if they mean us harm. We tread on our own rights of freedom of speech so as to not hurt the "feelings" of those half a world away who take such symbols literally. Yet, we have no compassion or "feelings" for our neighbor right next door.

I remember a time when asked about a particular neighbor with a decorative yard, saying, "She is a grandma. She decorates for the children and I am certain they have added to the collection." I realize the person I was speaking with must have turned their nose to the view but I know first hand of the love that was created in that yard.

My favorite comment regarding the flag came from Kat: "The author sounds like they need to move to a neighborhood with lots of covenants on flower height, tree breadth, and fence-paint colors--his world-view would fit right in." Although later the poster recanted and said it was "tongue in cheek if you will". I really have to wonder.

Of course, with the home for sale I must worry about what future buyer will say about my neighborhood. On the other side of the coin I look to the new city for a fun neighborhood that has real people living there.

God Bless America.


Kate said...

Hi, Tufa;
I suppose it's too much to hope that neighbors could just all try to get along and appreciate differences in taste and opinion. (They certainly don't behave that way in my 'hood.) Great post.

lifeshighway said...

Great Post on tolerance. Neighborhood fights can get very vicious and long drawn out. You are right, it is very important to select the correct neighborhood. I shy away from neighborhoods with very strict Home Owners Associations.

creekside rummager said...

I'm with you. Coexist!! We are so lucky to be in a small neigborhood where everyone is respectful and supportive of one another.

lemonverbenalady said...

Amen, TG. I'm not sure where the country is going with rants like that!

Anonymous said...

I should have scrolled down today when I posted earlier. This is a really good response to the article. You are dead on with your comments about opening the borders, yet not being considerate to our next door neighbors. I also like the comparison to the Grandmother who creates her garden from love. Many people can only afford to create from the heart. That is what I said to you on my blog, that a garden is a reflection of the gardener. We often do not ask about the use of ornament, we just assume. Maybe the grandmother's grandkids gave her that gnome or fairy and it has special meaning. I do not judge. I am often asked to incorporate some very odd looking items in gardens. But I always ask about the meaning. If I did not, I could not design it with any conviction. Always important in design to have intent. I am very glad you posted on my blog.We kinda share many of the same thoughts. BTW. I like gnomes and have some in my house. They are in my foyer window, so everyone who comes, gets to see them. I will post them sometime.