Friday, August 13, 2010

Shirley Temple & the new back yard

Some things are happy in the back yard.
'Shirley Temple' hibiscus has been blooming daily.

This is what the back yard looked like on 7/26.

This is 8/3. Too many plants - this is not all of them...

Hamlet and Spice are not liking the back yard as much. Need to get a doggy door.


Kate said...

Ha! My bad dog does the same darn thing ~ peering through the screen door hoping I'll let him in. While not normally a fan of white flowers (I see too much white in the form of snow, in winter) these are very pretty. :D

lifeshighway said...

Those are a pitiful looking pair. I am guessing you moved all of those plants. That takes dedication.

Tufa Girl said...

Pitiful? aauhhh.... I think they (the hibiscus - not me) should receive an award for blooming in 105 degree heat. Just happy they are still alive.