Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At the Front Door

Back and forth between here and Fort Worth. Always nice to get back to the big house as I will call the house in New Braunfels. My sweetie called me on my way home to say "Wouldn't it be great if they got the flashing done?"

Viola! The flashing is done! All we need now is some paint on the garage door and trim, some concrete/debris removal and we will be done!

Not to be outdone by the flashing installation was the arrival of my Field Reporter shirt from Along Life's Highway's - Cafe Press store. I will have to get it ready for my photo op.

BTW - tell Diane - she may have one gold ball - but she has not been tracked down by a homeowner yet.

1 comment:

lifeshighway said...

Your t-shirt gives you authority to capture yard art in wild abandon.

It may also deflect crazy people but I can't guarantee that theory.