Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's Projects

The Lemon Drop plumeria is so full of blooms they are dropping to make room for more. Thought I would start this posting off with something prettier than the construction at the house.

This is the "before" of the driveway and "stoop" as the inspector calls it.

Saw this cutter ant out scouting. Not a good sign - either they are hungry or it is going to rain soon. Let's just say he will not be reporting what he found.

Started cutting the old concrete out.

Neighbors out back working on their roof. Tree trimmers across at David and Tiffany's house today.

Fencing all done.

The backyards are looking so much better.

Although I am not real pleased with the "patch job" the fencing crew did here....

Our new 5 foot gate.

I will say the fence crew was pretty hard on the few plants I did have left. This is all that remains of my rangoon creeper.

Not a hackberry tree in sight but this lands on my rose bush?

Anyways, out front.

Starting to cloud up. Sprinkles in the area. Big band of rain going through San Antonio right now.

Rebar into the existing concrete.

Hamlet was all barked out by the time the concrete truck arrived. He did not even notice.

All done at about 7 pm. Boy, am I tired. LOL


lemonverbenalady said...

Thank God you have energy, TG! Poor Hamlet! Looks great in comparison with the other day! You really crack that whip!

lifeshighway said...

What a long day. It's hard watching people work. Sometimes you just have to have a few cold ones to help with the load.

Lovely arty shot at the beginning of the entry.