Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2

For the random passerby this seems like really boring stuff to be blogging about. I will just take a moment here to tell the random passerby this blog is actually set up for my sweetie's viewing pleasure since life requires he work in a land far, far away.

The guy posing is the Jeff Gordan fan. (This is not a Jeff Gordon household especially after the race this last weekend.)
Previously posted photo - showing my snow fence. Yes, this is Central Texas - No, it is not for snow. It was to one day be beautiful with all my climbing roses cascading over it. You can see the "hit" it took from the storm - it had to be removed to get to the chain link fence next door.

What took me (and my sweetie) at least a week to put up took Tom and me about 3 hours to remove. It will not be replaced as I will be leaving someday soon. Sure is an ugly view through here now.
All finished with the front of the roof by 1 pm. Boy, is it a hot one today.

I knew my friend Tom would come up with a solution for my berry boat. Since I had lost all the shade in the backyard the strawberries were frying on the vine. Not the prettiest contraption but shady and breezy for the berries. Maybe they will survive after all.

Work begins on Mary's house.

All tidied up for the night. Front and back have tar paper on. I forgot to ask when the roofers will arrive.

Even Mary looks to be in good shape. Heard they ran out of tar paper but topped the roof nicely in case of rain. (BTW - no rain in sight.)

For the random passerby - riveting photos, eh? Stay tuned there will be more tomorrow.


lifeshighway said...

I don't know... I am kind of riveted.

Tufa Girl said...

Are you one of the folks out across the street watching?

lemonverbenalady said...

I'm very impressed with the work ethic in Texas! Very impressive, TG!

Tufa Girl said...

Got to get it all done before we all melt. Thanks for stopping by LVL!