Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plumeria in the sick bay

I broke the news to my sweetie yesterday that I only lost 3 or 4 of my plumeria in my drafty greenhouse this last winter. He did not seem too concerned but he did seem a bit surprised when I told him that I had about 20 plants.

I have received many of these from a fellow San Antonio area gardener who grows them in his yard with no thought of winter protection. When I saw him recently he told me his greenhouse had collapsed and he did lose a great number of them along with some of his prize orchids. The only plumeria he has not been able to replace is the JL Pink Panda. I told him if I had one I would get it back to him. (Note: my friend calls it Pink Panda - but all the photos I find call it JL Pink Pansy. Stokes or on Flickr.)

Cleaning up in the greenhouse and repotting I find a JL Pink Panda with much cold damage. The local garden show host says to cut down to the good firm green of the branch and dip the wound in cinnamon. Cinnamon, it seems, has natural antibacterial properties. Although wounds in a healthy plumeria usually just dry and heal on their own - a sickly plumeria can die from bacteria or fungus very quickly.

I do hope this works. I will let you know how the patient progresses.