Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birdhouse Thursdays - Maybe the birds will let me a room

Found this home at the same cool place we found the lady below.

I am still packing up and fixing up the house so we can hit our goal for the end of the month. Then we will pack up me and the dogs and put the house on the market. Life will be in the apartment until July 15th. My sweetie and I have found 3 places we could call home. One is wee tiny, one is massive and one is a "hard" loft. (Hard loft - no carpet, all the utility conduits showing.)
The choices are getting to me. My sweetie is handling this pretty well - doing all the leg work and sending me lots of photos. At this point I am not certain I know which one I truly hope will be "the place".

In the mean time I look at this little home and see it has everything I would need. Rooms with a view and places to hold my plants.
Have a birdhouse to share? CheepRooms - Birdhouse Thursday


lifeshighway said...

It does seem to have everything that you need except your neighbors might be a little noisy and chirpy in the morning.

creekside rummager said...

Very classy birdhouse. I've always wanted one like that.

Ellada said...

I want one like that. The big one.