Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring House Cleaning

Ah, suburbia... I love the sound of a chainsaw in the morning. Weed eaters yesterday and today the local tree trimmer has hit the jackpot with another member of Hackberry Heaven.

I had grown numb to the sounds until I hear the loud crackle. You learn to tune in and pay attention when you hear this sound. "Oh, My God, I hope that is not the tree out front," quickly goes through your mind. No, wait - that sound was out back - must be the neighbors and the tree trimmers.

Of course I grabbed the camera. Oh, all right - I did get up on Hamlet's perch to be able to see over the fence. Just in time to see the really large branch slowly finish snapping from its trunk to swing in the breeze from a tiny rope. There is a guy in the basket looking down to see where this branch will land.

Hey! They have bird houses in their back yard!

I must find birdhouses for Thursday!

Move along. Nothing else to see here.

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lifeshighway said...

Score, we have to keep finding those birdhouses.