Sunday, April 25, 2010

King William Fair*

One of many of the Fiesta events held in San Antonio is the King William Fair. My work is a minor sponsor this year and I got to go....

Took an early morning stroll on the way to the fair area and had a chance to take some photos of the grand homes before all the fair goers arrived.

One big part of Fiesta is the wearing of the medals. These two agreed to model for me.

Then there is the head gear.

Not the real "El Rey Feo" but a nicely dressed imitation.

Dressed up pooches participate in a parade of their own and some compete for "El Rey Fido". A bit of controversy has sprung up recently between these two competitions. A nicely written editorial covers it all.

Krayolas were playing when I went by to check out the plants.

First time for me to be at the King William Fair and got paid for it at that!

*"In 1967, the King William Association was chartered as a non-profit corporation to preserve the oldest historic district in the state of Texas and to promote the unique cultural heritage of San Antonio. To further that mission, the Association hosted its first Fair in 1968. Since then, the Fair has grown from a one-block arts exhibit to a major Fiesta event. Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of Fair-goers, the Fair raises funds for arts, education, and community improvements."

King William - "A 25-block area near downtown on the south bank of the San Antonio River. In the late 1800's the King William District was the most elegant residential area in the city. Prominent German merchants originally settled the area. It was zoned as the state's first historic district, and has once again become a fashionable neighborhood."**

"Containing three local and national historical districts and many properties individually recognized for their historical significance. Bed and breakfasts, art galleries, restaurants, corridor known as Southtown, the Blue Star Arts Complex, King William neighbors represent all walks of life. Living in an urban village, especially one of homes for which maintenance is a labor of love, tends to bring neighbors close together. As a long-time resident explains, "It is a neighborhood where a person is identified not by what he does, but by his house. After all, these houses were here when we came, and they'll be here when we leave."***


lifeshighway said...

I want to go therea nd see there. Maybe next year. What fun!

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi TG,

Check out your award on my blog!

Julie said...

Oh, I just love the old houses on your blog. If you go to mine you will see how much I love to paint them. Would enjoy seeing this district so much!