Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Walnut Springs" - now known as Seguin Texas

Seguin Texas about 15 miles from the house. This little "park" is next to the Guadalupe County building where I went to pick up my license plate renewal sticker. I have a minute - too rainy to work in the yard - let's just see what this is all about.

I love these scrolls - the arches look like something that would be in France - not Seguin.

"The iron cornices that frame the arbor were salvaged from the Seguin Train Depot."

A generous monument to the history of "Walnut Springs" now known as Seguin.

The short story.... Lipan Apache and Comanche Indians, travelers of the old Spanish Trail, a site of a Texas Ranger station are amongst the happenings on the banks of this spring. "Walnut Springs" almost became known as "Tescumbia" in 1839 from a popular song and dance tune. "Seguin" was chosen in honor of Colonel Juan N. Seguin - a nearby rancher, land owner and gallant soldier of the day.

"A proud past insuring a mighty future." Seguin Bicentennial Commission - July 4, 1976.

I can see some renovations being made to the area. Looks like a "river walk".

Looking toward Nolte Street.

When I got home I did a little investigation and found some information on "Walnut Branch Park Restoration". The present day bridge does not look like the former bridge.

Looking toward Court Street.

I think it will be nice when it is finished. Wonder if it will be the same as this photo?

Back up the trail.

I can not resist a mossy rock.

I am wondering if these red roses are the same as my "Seguin Red" found rose?

Look the same to me.

Interesting detour for the day.

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lifeshighway said...

What a lovely stroll through the garden. I love the rock work.