Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Cactus (updated!)

My Schlumbergera sp. is blooming. Perhaps better known as Christmas cactus but today it will be called a "Snow cactus".

Weather map shows it is over me but all I am getting is slushy sleet.

View out the back door.

I put a little piece of wood out so I could focus on some of the falling bits. I may have to go up the hill later to actually see some snow. Our house is a bit lower elevation being closer to the river. My sweetie says to wait until the afternoon for some accumulation.

FYI - on this date in 1996 it was 97 degrees.

Perhaps I will have more to show later....

Later, about 1 p.m. ...


lifeshighway said...

You guys are getting snow? I had better check the forecast for up here.

I have never seen a white Christmas cactus, I like it, different and elegant.

Tufa Girl said...

Snow now for sure. Mostly the way the fronts from the north hit the stuff coming across from New Mexico why we are getting it down here. Artic front is pushing it down lower than normal.