Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foliage on the native tufa

Foliage growing along with the native mosses in our native limestone tufa.

Maiden hair ferns growing inside a pocket along the roadway.

I love these little streams that appear out of the rocks after a rain. The winter has browned much of the landscape but the warm springs have revived the native ferns again.


lifeshighway said...

Beautiful photos. I love the tiny streams and brooks, too.

YayaOrchid said...

How I wish I could grow moss and more kinds of ferns here. Beautiful photos!

Kelly@LifeOutOfDoors said...

Love the moss! Did you encourage it or did it just show up? Nothing like moss for making things look old and established.

Tufa Girl said...

Kelly - my bad, I should have told you I photographed this along the Guadalupe River close to my home.

Things are so brown in my yard I had to take a drive to look for some green.