Monday, January 4, 2010

Fruit crop update

Sunshine blueberry has some excellent color. Not really familiar with growing blueberries but I think these buds are a good sign.

This is the O'Neil blueberry I got as a bare root and it still does not look as nice as the Sunshine.

Chandler strawberries have filled the forward section of the berry boat. The hackberry has topped the boat with far too many leaves for my taste but I will keep them for this winter.

Royal Lee cherry buds. This tree still has some leaves.

Minnie Royal cherry with its pretty color trunk and buds. (Not your typical cherry trees - but the ones supposedly will take less chilling hours to produce in areas like Central Texas.)

I am really not tending to things as I should and I have something to show anyway. Three key limes (a few more on the tree) and the tiny 'Mexico Midget' tomatoes I keep writing about. I wish you could taste these tomatoes.
This is the largest of the crop. They are "midget". Put this variety on your must have list for next spring's crop.

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