Monday, January 4, 2010

Chilly Morning

Have not blogged much these days as my sweetie was home for the New Year's weekend. He is now on his way back and just called to say he had made it through Austin traffic. Looks like he will be to work on time this afternoon.

As I was talking to my sweetie, I saw the 3 little Inca doves (Scardafella inca or Columbina inca) sitting on the arm of our outdoor furniture. They are so cute but I know they must be so cold. They, like me, are not used to this weather.

Last week I took the 'Mexico Midget' tomato plant and my "Pea" Vine plant from the greenhouse and put them into our back patio where the plants are a little warmer. Since my greenhouse has no heat plants have been "ok" at temperatures outside in the thirties. My plumerias have mostly lost their leaves and the key lime is still "ok". The rest of the plants will not look pretty until warm weather returns but they will be alive.

The weatherman is telling us our temperatures will dip down this coming Thursday through Saturday. He is reporting lows in the low 20's. Time for "Plan B" since Plan A is not an option. (Plan A = electrical installation earlier this year that did not occur - for those of you folks just joining in.) Going back to my original heat source of heat lamps but I need to install some rafters of sorts to get them mounted. It is 38 degrees at 10 a.m. Hope it warms up soon - I have a bit of work to do. I sure would like to do it without having to wear gloves.

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Pamie G. said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. You got me interested in hypertufa, I was surprised to see that there is "not" much left, what does that mean? Educate me please, I love containers of any kind for gardening to make it interesting! The rock moving has been such a treat with our new toy, Mr. Bobcat. I will have them in every garden before I know it!