Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yes, I'd love some cheese

Could the weather people get this job of theirs right? Did any one tell me it was going to be in the 30's last night? Wasn't it supposed to be in the mid 40's?

So, I had uncovered the hibiscus out front (not the one by Skitty's pole - [another story for you peeking in]) for all that sunshine we were supposed to get yesterday (not!). I was watching the weather this morning when I learned it was 35 degrees. I looked out the front window to see crispy hibiscus.

Walked out back to check on the greenhouse and it looks like the orchid cactus planted in the forest pansy redbud pot is history too. I did find one piece that did not look like mush and brought it in. Put it in front of Bob's heater along with the seed pod from one of the plumerias.

I was so used to the 100's of this summer... I am not taking this turn in the weather well at all. Besides that it has been so long since we have had a cold winter - especially one starting this early. These temps don't usually show up until January or February.

By the way, Sweetie, the grandma's house is posted on Along Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game. 27 points!


lifeshighway said...

oh, so it was the sweetie's grandma house.

Tufa Girl said...

No. Sweetie's grandma lives in Minnesota. The reason we know it was a grandma is she came out on the porch to see after her grandkids tricycling in the road. This may have been due to the fact my sweetie had driven by her house 3-4 time so he made sure I got all the yard art.

janie said...

The crazy weather got us too. Many of my tropicals are mush. Nothing to do but start anew.

I am rushing to look at the Yard Art.