Thursday, December 3, 2009

Palm Bling

I went to Target to look for some bling for the palm tree. Saw this tree... fabulous! Very Florida, pinks, turquoise colors.
I could get this and wrap around the trunk. It is a good thing you did not answer the phone.

Went home and tried out my theory of securing the wandering fronds. They seem to be very stable and equally spaced. I guess I will see after the winds shift again.

Shadow was in the garage but her "friend" Mr. Mockingbird sat on the basketball backboard the entire time I worked on the tree. His girl did join him at one time but I did not get a good photo of the couple.

So I settled for just a little holiday bling. After I put the dogs inside, Hamlet saw it through the door and kept barking at it.

View now in the dark.

All done. Just need some snow now.


lemonverbenalady said...

Palm trees and Christmas lights! It's just wrong! Of course, this is from someone who hardly decorates with snow and cold! LOL!

Tufa Girl said...

Palm tree was a present for my birthday last year for, as my sweetie calls, a significant birthday. We had been looking for property and old homes and they all seem to have large old palm trees. After we gave up on the property purchase idea, I said I should just settle for a palm tree. Viola! Palm tree for my birthday.

lifeshighway said...

The palm looks fabulous!

lemonverbenalady said...

It's a great look. It's looking better all the time!