Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another try at the format

I have been on a mission to reduce the number of columns of the previous format. I could not even think of enough gadgets, widgets, stuff to put on this page. I did not want to learn html so I went for help from the Blogger world. I got lots of help but I could not understand their answers -- especially since I don't know the html!

If you Blogger guys stop by to check on my progress... Look I did it! (But not the way you suggested.) I went line by line and who knew all the DOS I learned over 20 years ago would help. (DOS - boy is she dating herself - I learned it at a very young age, really...)

I have done this all day but I have worked on 3 blog formats, 1 for work and splitting up the home blog. I do feel like I got something done and now I realize that I have earned this headache currently throbbing at my temples.

So, for now this will be the set-up for the blog with "pages" to come. See my "Flower" tab at the top? If you click there you will go to the next page and it is not even started so just peek and close the door.

Oh, yeah. About that "Flower" tab. Still have not figured out how to get it below my header photo. Oh, well. This tab does not bother me as much as too many columns. If you know how to do it -- just keep it to yourself as I am turning in. Good night.

P.S. Big news day for Texas football...
New Orleans Saints clinch NFC South. (Drew is from Westlake Austin.)
TCU Frogs (10-2) face Boise State (12-0) in the Poinsettia Bowl on 12/23 in San Diego.
Texas Tech meets Michigan State for the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio 1/2/10.
Texas Longhorns vs. Alabama Crimson Tide on 1/7/10 for the BCS National Championship.

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