Monday, November 16, 2009

Under Construction and other misc.

The latest creation from Tom. More stucco this time as he is having trouble finding driftwood in the creek.

Doesn't this look a little like Sylvester?

Ok, cat fanciers.... talk me out of this cat. When I arrived at my sweetie's apartment last week, he was watching the Animal Planet's series called "Cats 101". Program covers 3-4 breeds giving their pro's and con's. While home this week I caught the program with the Norwegian Forest cat. Furry - yes. Big molt in the spring. Wants to be with people. Kidney polyps are a concern.

I think our nursery cat has a lot of this breed. Furry ears. Many layers of fur. (He was really hot this summer - even got a little heat stroke I think. We started keeping him in the a/c. He hated being in by himself.) Overall he is a sweet cat. I can not have one now as Shadow would not allow it but there is always someday.

From Cotswold Peeps blog. A shepherd's hut for staying close to the flock out in the fields. Furnished with comfy bed and wood burning stove. CUTE!!! Old restored or new may be purchased here. Now we just need to find a field close-by.


lifeshighway said...

sigh, once again I have to reveal that yes, I was a cat breeder and yes I did show them. There are several breeds with that intense amount of hair. Norwegians are very uncommon so I have my doubts about Sylvester but you never know.

My horse friends call me when CATS 101 is on to mock me.

I will be curious to see the completed construction.

J.J. said...

Is that a sandcastle in permanent, what a wonderdful Idea, is it a part of something larger? i am new to your blog-

Tufa Girl said...

Welcome J.J. The sandcastle is the latest creation from my friend Tom. He has been in construction all of his live and can make anything out of anything. It will be a birdhouse when it is all grown up. If you have a moment look at the slide show of his work in the far right column of my blog. Thanks for stopping by!