Thursday, November 19, 2009

They are moving the house!

Another trip to the vet this morning for my spasmodic dog. (Inside story - Hamlet goes through the doggie door too fast and occasionally gets spasms in his back and walks around in a circle. Too funny to watch other than the constant yips of pain.) Any one have a whirlpool I can borrow? Hard to see the red thing is a like a "skiff" (is that the word?) on a trailer. The "skiff" looks like a wee tiny barge with scaffolding for work on the river bank perhaps? All kinds of things going on and then today.....

The movers have the house on the rails ready to move!!! Sigh. If they take the house how will I continue to plan this land renovation? (Obviously, all in my mind. As if we would ever have a chance to own property on this river.)