Monday, November 9, 2009

The Road to mecca*

On the way about 8:30 - 9:00 Sunday morning. Traffic is very light compared to years past. Yes, friends, I have been here before.

It is a magical experience...

Where is everybody?

First tour of souvenir row of trailers reveals Brian Vickers (Red Bull) doing autographs. Rare sightings these days. Most drivers are mobbed.

Proud ownership of the coveted colors.

Live on Speed Channel!

Mr. Excitement, Jimmy Spencer with his cigar.

Larry McReynolds with the microphone.

Hmmm. This crowd is seriously lacking color (Nascar driver tee-shirts, hats, gear, etc.) Festivities are beginning. Line-up of drivers on the giant pole. Watch the Jumbotron for the close-ups and wait for the fly over.

Which way is it coming? Oh, No! They are coming over the back again. I hope I can get this thing focused!

Not a zoom and not photoshopped.

Right over the top of us.... (Did you see the guys in the cargo area?!!!)

Chinook helicopter based in Fort Hood lands and unloads its cargo. The pace car with Space Shuttle Endeavour pilot Doug Hurley. (Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR) Not my photo - too much going on to focus!

Chinook returns to Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas.

Another view of the crowd (lacking Nascar colors), hmmm.

US Army soldiers from Fort Hood hold the flags during the National Anthem.

Another flyover from behind the stands. The boys are really working my photo skills today.

Lights are off the pace car. Lets go racing. For 2 laps then Jimmie Johnson current points leader hits the wall from a tap from via David Reutiman through Sam Hornish.

Gratuitous shot of Jeff Gordan and Dale Earnhardt for you fans.

I'm watching Juan Pablo Montoya (42) and

Martin Truex, Jr. (1).

Race has gotten a little uneventful so I go shopping. I had decided to purchase something from Robby Gordon but the trailer was closed. Seriously!??? The race is not even half over?

Crowd watching. The folks in front of us brought their son (to the left outside of this photo) and the mom brought her book. Dad is trying to cover his radio hair with his hat...

Jimmie Johnson has returned. As my sweetie says "looking all black and blue".

(Meaning: "Black" replacement panels and "blue" since he is leading the year's points race but now not a sure winner anymore.)

The fun part of people watching is a camera with a zoom. What is that on their motor home?

Cardboard cut-outs of the Chase drivers. I wonder if this would qualify for yard art?

This guy spent more time looking at his gadget than he did looking at the race.

I noticed that The Screwed Up Texan was at the races. I wonder if she got to see inside this GM trailer. This is the rig to take to the races.

The motor homes the drivers live in during the season. Nice.

Kurt Busch our race winner celebrates and does it all backwards (aka "The Unwind Lap").

Sunday's unofficial attendance was 167,000, the lowest in 18 races at Texas. Attendance figures have declined steadily the past couple of years. The previous low was 171,000 last fall.... (Associated Press)

Took a different route home today. Wound up behind this guy. Sent this photo to my sweetie:

"Are you going to Phoenix?" (That is next week's race.)

* Mec ca (

1. Also, Makkah, Mekka. a city in the capital of Hejaz, in W Saudi Arabia: birthplace of Muhammad; spirtual center of Islam.
2. (often lowercase) any place that many people visit or hope to visit:
Texas Motor Speedway is mecca for many Nascar fans living in Texas and the central United States.


Rosey Pollen said...

Fun! Thanks for bringing back memories for when my husband and I went to the MArlboro 500 in Michigan. It was hot! But so cool!

lifeshighway said...

omg, I'm exhausted.