Monday, November 2, 2009

Dawns early light

I love the time change. I can get outside and do somethings before dashing off to work. Including taking a photo of Souvenir de St. Anne's rose. Lots of buds about to burst.


YayaOrchid said...

I've got some serious Rose envy! Look at all the buds on that stem!!

Can you share what fertilizer you use on your beautiful roses?

janie said...

And it looks like a lot of buds left on that rose. Very pretty. I love the mornings since the time change too, but not so much the evenings.

Tufa Girl said...

Because of the Cutter Ants - Bayer Advanced - Rose & Flower Care: This is a chemical systemic. The plant absorbs the chemicals and keeps the insects from eating the leaves and the flowers. This means I will never be able to eat any of my rose petals or hips. But without this I would not have any rose bushes left. Apply every 6 weeks per label instructions.

Also to counteract the chemicals I use Lady Bug Brand - Flower Power. It is a dry fertilizer that I try to apply about once a month.

Mostly keeping on schedule does the best in my garden.

I am glad you like the roses.

No secret here. Not a paid advertisement - although I would be interested in speaking to someone ;D