Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's amazing!

What a little less heat and a lot of heaven sent moisture will do. I can not even capture all the buds and blooms on this Dame de Coeur (loosely translated "Queen of Hearts").

White Brugmansia (Wedding Bells). Not Datura. This should be a topic for the working blog. Hmmm....

The Rangoon Creeper is blooming again. This has lived along this fence in the backyard for a couple years. Now that one more hackberry has bit the dust (of course it was on our fence and the neighbor's house - we own lots of chain saws here in Hackberry Heaven) this lovely has had a chance to actually bloom this year.

Dave's Garden (one of my favorite info sources) says this tropical climber/vine likes acidic conditions and a member says it is deer and rabbit resistant. Well, pretty certain the the acidic soil part is incorrect as it is very alkaline here. I think the deer resistant part must be correct as the cutter ants have not devored it. (The ants did get the rose bush planted close by, however.)


YayaOrchid said...

Oh, your pictures are beautiful! LOve the rangoon creeper and especially the brugmansia. I've got the yellow one. I have got to get the white one too!

lifeshighway said...

I'm all for anything that is deer resistant. I am tired of being part of the obesity problem of the neighbor deer.