Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's like I took a wrong turn in Fort Worth

I went to see my sweetie during the long weekend. Since my days off are in the middle of the week (retail girl that I am) I had almost a week up north.

I had to call into work on Tuesday and one of the girls told me it had been raining. I thought it would just be a passing thing. It was sunny and quite warm in Arlington this week. (Stay tuned for those photos.)

Coming home today I drove on wet streets through Waco and Austin. As I traveled I heard on the radio of flash flood warnings for near-by counties Hayes and Bexar. When I crossed the Guadalupe bridge and looked down I took a double take. Fast flowing chocolate brown water much higher on the banks. Could it be? Has it really been raining?

The local streets were full of puddles, the flood ditches flowing and Maldonado's tank is full again.
I get to my back yard and see .....

Three and 1/2 inches! No telling what was lost to evaporation.

Temperatures in the 70's? Did I land in Seattle? How long was I gone? A whole season?
Wow!Sombreuil greeted me with great new blooms. She also has new growth and more buds ready to burst.

It was a great trip. One is always happy to get home (a little bittersweet without my sweetie). How fantastic to be home to a revitalized world.

Thanks to the folks who find me through Blotanical. Hope you will visit again. (11,000+ hits! I think my counter is broken! No, really.)


YayaOrchid said...

Your folks are so lucky! We've had a few sprinkles here and there. It helps, but we'd like complete ground saturation.

Tufa Girl said...

No telling how long it took to gather that much but thankful for every bit of it. With the bands of rain coming off the gulf hopefully South Texas will get some needed moisture.

Mary Delle said...

Your rose is lovely. I understand the sentiment, glad to be home. Welcome back.