Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Break Time

I have mowed grass before. Really I have.

Today has been quite the adventure. I had never started this mower. (Before "Sweetie" I had a lovely neighbor "Max" who would start my second hand mower I had for my previous postage stamp yard.)

So my Sweetie tells me, "Prime the motor with the red button seven times" "The label on the motor says '3X'." "I do it seven times. It will start real easy."

Ok. Seven times on the red button. Pull the rope. Nice! (I kill the motor - I do not have an icy beverage at the ready - yet.)

"Do I have gas?" "Yes, the can is in the garage."

Off to get the gas can, walk by 'Maggie' who has been eaten by the cutter ants. Distraction! Off to the local big box store for product. (Story to come...) Return with product, humidity is lower now. Make icy drink. Off I go.

Put gas in the tank. Put the gas back in the garage. Move the mower to line up in the yard. Look down, no gas cap on the mower!?!?! Of course I only moved the mower six feet but the grass is so tall and thick I can not find it.

"Sweetie.... Can I just put some foil over it until I find the cap? Surely, I will mow over it soon."

Foil applied. Off I go.

Neighbor's mom is visiting and she waves me down. She has locked herself out of the house can she use my phone. (Whew! time for a break.)

Phone call made. Back at it.

We (I) have put way too many obstacles in this lawn.

How am I doing, Sweetie? I did find the cap. First swipe I turned the corner and there it was. Caught under the mower deck.

Time for a break.

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