Tuesday, December 10, 2013

72 Hours and 49 minutes

Below freeezing. Not a record. 2011 (or SuperBowl Winter as the locals call it) was 101 hours. Still not a record - that was December 1983 at 295 hours (12 days 7 hours) below freezing.

Looking a bit like an ice monster after my bird feeder...

The trees are heavy with the frozen rain and the ground is covered with 3-4 inches of sleet we received in Fort Worth.

Ending this all with a happy note. After a week in the gloom, the sun is out today in full force and will melt the ice away. Finally.

Friday, December 6, 2013

24 Hours In

No snow....
Just lots of sleet
and freezing rain bending over the trees
even the little trees
big trees without leaves seem o.k.
this Mutabilis rose bush looks a bit cold
Hurry, quick... Mom's got the camera on me now.
Weatherman says we will see 70 hours below freezing this time. Brrr.  Again, this seems a bit early.